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Turcan Cazac Lawyers to Contribute to the Justice Sector Reform




29 September 2014

Chisinau, Moldova - The justice sector reform continues. Recently, the Ministry of Justice has assembled three new inter-institutional working groups for the achievement of a series of objectives set out in the Action Plan for the implementation of the Justice Sector Reform Strategy 2011-2016.

Turcan Cazac managing partner Alexander Turcan and associate Vladimir Palamarciuc, along with representatives of the Ministry of Justice and a few other professionals, form the inter-institutional group tasked with developing and amending the legislation on the operation of the lawyer profession. In this respect, the working group will propose amendments to the relevant legislation in order to establish clear, transparent and merit-based criteria of accession to the legal profession. The group is also to assess the disciplinary mechanism in the legal profession and other essential aspects for the reform of the legal profession.

We remind you that also this month, Vladimir Palamarciuc has presented for public debate his Study on the criteria of accession to the legal profession in Moldova - study conducted for accomplishing objective 3.2.4 (1) in the action plan of the Justice Sector Reform strategy.


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