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Octavian Cazac - Trainer of a Seminar for Moldovan Judges and Prosecutors


18 March 2013

Chisinau, Moldova - The Institute of National Justice (INJ) together with the Center for Legal Resources of Moldova (CLRM) organized a seminar for judges and prosecutors on the matter of the compensation of moral damages. 

Firm partner Octavian Cazac, who is a PhD in Private Law and a lecturer of Civil Law at the State University of Moldova Faculty of Law, participated at the seminar as one of the trainers, along with the CLRM President Vladislav Gribincea and the Supreme Court judge Iurie Bejenaru.  The trainers covered matters such as the conditions under which moral damages are awarded and discussed the rules of determining the proper amount of the compensation for moral damage according to the test of “just satisfaction” contained in national law and the case-law of the European Court for Human Rights (ECHR).  In addition, the participants reviewed the case-law of the Supreme Court of Justice in the area.  The seminar included case studies for each section and a Q&A session.