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Turcan Cazac Contributes to the EBA School for Young Entrepreneurs




24 January 2014

Chisinau, Moldova - Turcan Cazac contributed to the second edition of the Winter School for Young Entrepreneurs, organized by the European Business Association in Moldova (EBA Moldova).  Associate Ana Galus was one of the eight speakers of the four-day school.  

Ana engaged the participants in a discussion on the main legal aspects of doing business, specifically:

(1) starting a business: setting up and administering a legal entity;

(2) relevant contracts and key clauses: including the penalty clauses and leasing agreements;

(3) litigation: the structure of the court system, the general procedure for evaluating cases, alternative dispute resolution procedures, as well as the ECHR procedure and the main clauses of the convention;

(4) competition practices: the Europeanized competition law, prohibited actions, unfair competition and filing a complaint with the Competition Council.

Overall, the training sought to equip the students with comprehensive knowledge for their business needs, the other speakers having addressed accounting and fiscal administration, customs procedures, marketing and client relationship management, etc.  Moreover, the program started off with talks from Mr. Ridha Tekkaia, president of the local bank Mobiasbanca-Groupe Société Générale, as well as Mr. Tomas Moser of the petroleum distributor Bemol Retail.

Turcan Cazac was also  involved in the first edition of the EBA Winter School for Young Entrepreneurs in January 2013, as well as in the correspondent EBA Summer School in June 2013.