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Turcan Cazac Helps Create the First Guide for Trainee Lawyers in Moldova


7 March 2013

Chisinau, Moldova - On 7 March 2013, the Young Lawyers Association, with the support of the the Moldovan Bar Association and ABA ROLI Moldova (American Bar Association Rule of Law Initiative), has held the anticipated roundtable event related to the very first guide for trainee lawyers in Moldova.

A working group of trainee lawyers have worked on creating the manual, with Turcan Cazac associate and president of the Young Lawyers Association Vladimir Palamarciuc coordinating the working group and the subsequent roundtable event. Turcan Cazac partner Alexander Turcan, who is on the Board of the Moldovan Bar, has directed and consulted the working group of trainee lawyers, providing extensive guidance and corrections throughout the process.

During the event, the guide has been presented, discussed and debated. The discussion participants included the President of the Moldovan Bar Association Gheorghe Amihalachioaie, regarded local practitioners and experts in the field, trainee lawyers, as well as media representatives.

The guide seeks to contribute to establishing uniform and correct practices to be followed in the course of professional training. Over 1000 hard copies are to be published.

For more information in Romanian, please see the Moldovan Bar Association website.